Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fruit salad

I made a really fantastically delicious fruit salad today. All fresh fruit, no bananas, no yogurt.
I always wanted to like fruit salad-- I'd always eat it and like the idea of it, but really I think I just liked the marshmallows my mom put in it. There was something about the canned fruit with the yogurt... But today there was a fruit salad revolution in my head. My cousin and I are off sugary treats just now, so I've been eating a lot of fruit, and I've been wanting fruit salad the past few days. And today it happened.

I like bananas-- I think they're an awesome fruit. I like banana pudding pie, banana milkshakes, banana splits, But I don't like them mixed with other fruits. I hate juice, smoothies, etc with banana in them. Doesn't work for me. I like my bananas purely banana, or with, say, chocolate.

So I left bananas out of the salad.

I also left out yogurt, because although I like yogurt now, I didn't growing up, and have possibly irrational negative associations of yogurt and fruit salad.

For the fruit, I used: red and green grapes, pineapple (fresh, not canned!), apple, clementines (peeled and sectioned);
For the sauce, I used: sour cream, brown sugar, lemon juice, nutmeg, and cloves.

I meant to put in some lemon and orange zest, too, but forgot.
I didn't measure anything, either, so I'll probably never ever be able to make it again.

Anyway, I'm pretty proud of the salad.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

males fighting for herd dominance

I submitted a shirt design to Threadless about 2 days ago, and it's already up for scoring! Last time it took a week before it was up, so this was a little surprise. Please check it out and vote on it

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bookworms are hot

Here's the flyer I made for my friend Linda's book club for the honors program at BYU. She wanted to get a little bit away from the stigma of honors--classical music, fancy cheeses, heightened accents.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ugly like to make your eyes bleed

I was watching some or other tv show online, which was interrupted every few minutes by a commercial for this monstrosity. Each time it played, I both laughed more spastically and came closer to puking.
Congrats, Nissan.

My New Identity

Okay, I took the plunge and guess what? I started a new blog under the name Emily LoRe, on which I post my makeup projects.

Here it is!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

forays with oars

I'm having trouble committing to my new name. I really need to start a blog/website for a starter portfolio, but I don't want to work under the name Emily Jacobson. I'm pretty sure I want to use the name Emily LoRe.
LoRe is an old family name, from the Italians. My stepfather is concerned that people will pronounce it lore, rhyming with oar. I don't think so, if the R is capitalized.

the question: would people be more likely to rhyme it with "oar" or "foray"?

Welcome, Me!

Hello, I've just started this blog. And I'm very excited and a little nervous about it.

I want to talk about a hairstyle that's been obsessing my mind lately. Sometimes, when I think of a fad or fashion (current or not) that I find particularly ugly, I start twisting it around in my mind, wanting to find some way to make it appealing and, well, awesome.

Today's ugly fashion turned trendy: the mullet

I've just always taken it for granted that the mullet it one of those things from the past that almost everyone agrees was a mistake, and the few who don't concur are those people who actually wear them. Now I haven't by any means changed my opinion on the regular type of mullet that pops into your head when you hear the word, but one day something happened, I don't know what, and I stopped myself from automatically dismissing this hairstyle as I've always done. It may have been that my own hair had reached one of those dreaded awkward stages, having been a short bob grown out a couple inches, and I was turning over in my mind ways i could reshape it. and now I'm obsessed.

so obsessed, in fact, that I took a pair of scissors into the bathroom with me, set up a second mirror so I could see the back of my head, and took a couple hours hacking A LOT of layers into my hair. The result: the hair at the nape of my neck is a few inches past my ears, and the hair on the crown of my head is only a couple inches long. This story has a happy ending: I love it.
Maybe I shouldn't have made this post until I took pictures of my hair, but I apologize and promise to get some up.

Really, I think it works! You can't have it too short in the front like the standard 80's mullet:


But if you get more of a gradation of layers, and keep some of it a little longer in front and really just go for a more shaggy look, it can be quite short on top:


All the girls in my drawings have this hairstyle lately, and once I scan some in I'll get those up, too.

Here are some more pictures of cool shags I found:

and I love Milla Jovovich's hair in Resident Evil 3